Certified timber

Indonesia has shipped more than €1 billion worth of verified legal timber and timber products to the EU since it started issuing FLEGT licenses for such products a year ago.
The permits confirm that the products comply with the relevant legislation and automatically comply with the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation, which prohibits the placing of illegal timber products on the EU market.
The FLEGT Licensing Scheme is an outcome of the Indonesia-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement (FPA) on Responsible Forestry, Law Enforcement and Trade.
Indonesia and the EU are in close and regular contact to further strengthen the licensing system and are working together to resolve some practical implementation issues identified when importing Indonesian FLEGT timber to the EU market.
Meanwhile, the independent FLEGT market observer surveyed market participants in the EU and found that the vast majority of respondents welcomed the introduction of FLEGT licenses in Indonesia.
Under the FPA, Indonesia introduced a nationwide timber legality assurance system and other reforms that have improved transparency, accountability and stakeholder participation in the forest sector.