Indonesia has shipped billions of pounds worth of verified, legal timber to the EU since FLEGT licensing began in 2003.

All teak used to manufacture our furniture is FLEGT licensed, guaranteeing that the wood has been harvested, processed and exported in accordance with national laws. Indonesia is the first exporting country to mandate that its timber must meet certain legal requirements in order to be exported. The FLEGT license is thus a regulatory approach to preventing illegal logging.

The idea of ​​FLEGT was developed by the EU in 2003, following the 2001 Ministerial Conference on Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in Bali, where participating countries declared a common commitment to tackle illegal logging and the related trafficking and corruption and wanted to uphold the rule of law in relation to these issues. To implement FLEGT, the EU has put in place an action plan to prevent timber from illegal sources entering the EU and to encourage initiatives and strategies by partner countries, private companies and financial institutions aimed at developing systems that only use legal bring wood produced to market.

Our teak furniture

Sustainably sourced

Production forests on Java have evolved into intensively and strictly managed plantations. Management of these areas (4.9 million hectares of plantations in 54 forest management districts, mainly teak) is managed directly by the state through the State Forestry Company (SFC), Perum Perhutani.

These sustainable plantations are managed and owned by the government. It has a strict policy on the size, age and number of trees felled each year, as well as a comprehensive, sustainable replanting program. They ensure the sustainability and legality of their teak through SVLK certification.
We hold SVLK certification (which allows us to sell our furniture with confidence all over the world) and we are committed to the values ​​of equal opportunity and corporate social responsibility - through continuous professional development and the skills and well-being of our people Employees.

ALL our teak furniture is inspected and SVLK certificated to certify that it has been legally harvested and can be sold in all EU countries.
The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) 995/2010 prohibits the sale of illegally harvested timber and wood-based products on European markets.

We are firmly committed to the values ​​of equal opportunity and corporate social responsibility - through continuous professional development and the skills and well-being of our employees.

Trees4Trees™ is a program of the Sustainable Green Earth Foundation (Yayasan Bumi Hijau Lestari) and is a non-profit foundation.

Trees4Trees produces seedlings of high-quality tree species that are distributed free of charge to local farmers, along with technical guidance on planting, good forestry practices and education on the benefits of a healthy environment. The trees are continuously recorded and monitored.

is committed to improving the environment and the lives of people in local communities by planting trees, conducting education and providing related services, thus creating added value for all stakeholders in the stream of our activities.

Building a program that contributes to environmental health while enhancing social wellbeing that is economically efficient, self-sustaining and implemented through direct action in the communities where we work.

When you plant a tree with Trees4Trees, you are doing more than just putting a tree in the ground. You also help a farming family in a developing country, ensuring that the farmer will continue to plant trees in the future.