Teak garden furniture sets

Teak garden furniture sets are the perfect choice for anyone looking for durable and stylish garden furniture. Solid, reliable and timeless in style, teak garden furniture will transform your garden into a place you will enjoy for years to come. Our range of teak garden furniture at Luxus is suitable for gardens of all sizes. From intimate teak dining sets to majestic 12-seat teak tables for summer entertaining, you'll find the right teak furniture for your garden in our online store.

Teak Hampton Folding Picnic Set (2 Chairs, 1 Table)
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Is teak garden furniture the best?

We think yes! Teak is an incredibly durable wood that ages beautifully and can be enjoyed for a lifetime if you follow simple teak care . Our teak comes from responsible sources. All our teak furniture is tested and has the SVLK certificate, which confirms that the wood has been legally harvested and can be sold in all EU countries. We are firmly committed to the values ​​of equal opportunities and corporate social responsibility by supporting the professional development, skills and well-being of our employees. Our strong commitment to these values ​​allows us to ensure that every piece of teak garden furniture that leaves our premises meets our high standards.

Teak garden furniture at Luxus

We've made it easier than ever to find the perfect teak garden furniture for your space. With teak garden furniture in classic and modern styles to suit every occasion. Whether you're looking to set up an outdoor dining area for a family meal or are looking for a pull-out teak set for larger garden parties, we've got you covered. As well as our complete teak garden furniture sets, we also offer a wide range of teak garden chairs , teak benches and teak dining tables for those who want to create their own bespoke teak garden furniture. If you have any questions about our range of teak tables and chairs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Luxury team today.

Teak garden furniture FAQs

How long does teak garden furniture last?

Teak is known for its durability and will last for many years. Teak is the best wood for garden furniture and therefore one of the most popular types of wood for garden furniture. In some parks around the world there are benches, often made of teak, that are decades old and still hold up.

Can teak garden furniture be left outside all year round?

Teak can be left outside 12 months of the year, including the UK winter. Your outdoor furniture can be covered as long as the material used for the cover is breathable.

How weather-resistant is teak garden furniture?

Teak is naturally rich in oils, meaning it is already naturally weather-resistant and resistant to rot caused by the elements.

Can you leave teak furniture out in the rain?

Teak is naturally water-repellent because it contains water-repellent oils. Unlike most other woods, it will not rot if left outside in the rain. This is what makes teak garden furniture so popular with people who want to sit outdoors.

Does teak turn gray over time?

If teak is left untreated, it can turn gray over time. Regular annual cleaning ensures that this appearance is maintained. If you prefer the original color of the teak, you will need to seal the wood.