How to clean teak garden furniture

Teak is a popular choice for patio furniture because it's incredibly easy to clean. This versatile hardwood will last a lifetime and requires minimal effort to keep it in its best condition. If you want to clean your teak garden furniture, here are our top tips!

When should I clean my outdoor teak furniture?

Teak only needs a proper cleaning once a year. If you plan to use your garden set more frequently during the summer, we recommend cleaning your set in the spring to ensure it is in top condition for entertaining.

Cleaning of teak garden furniture

When you are ready to clean your teak patio furniture, you should choose a clear, dry day. A light breeze is ideal for the teak to dry quickly after washing. You can spend money on specialized teak cleaners, but in our opinion, the best solution for this task is soapy water and a squirt of white vinegar.

Prepare the soapy solution and scrub your furniture with a stiff-bristled brush. Then rinse with a hose and remove stubborn stains like bird droppings. For stains that cannot be removed. Take a piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the stain until it comes off. Don't worry too much about leaving light stains on the wood, these will even out over time.

We do not advise treating your teak garden furniture with a pressure washer or pressure washer. The power of these devices can strip the wood of its natural oils and even loosen the joints.

Once your furniture is clean and dry, you can apply a teak treatment. This is optional, but it's a good way to preserve the brown color of the wood. For more information on treating teak, see our guide to caring for teak patio furniture.

How to clean teak furniture from food and drink spills

Spills happen, especially when eating outdoors. Eventually, food or drink will spill onto the surface of your teak, but this is easily remedied. Teak is a very absorbent wood, so you need to act fast! Oil-based salad dressings, wine, and grease can leave stains. So use a piece of kitchen roll to soak up as much of the spilled drink as possible. Once the area is dry, lightly sand to remove any remaining residue.

How to get rid of mold on outdoor teak furniture

Mold is a common problem with teak furniture and will leave your patio furniture looking dirty. If you discover black mold, you should remove it as soon as possible. Thoroughly clean the furniture with soapy water and a squirt of bleach and scrub down the affected areas. Rinse with clean water and let dry before checking if the mold is gone. Repeat the process if it is still there.

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